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August 6-8, 2010 -- Obama accuser Larry Sinclair monitored by uniformed security at informal National Press Club discussion group

On August 4, author and former Florida congressional candidate Larry Sinclair was invited to discuss his allegations against President Barack Obama before a discussion group of members of the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Sinclair, who wrote a book titled, "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder," is being sued for $30 million, along with his book distributor, and book sellers Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and by one-time proprietor of the website, Dan Parisi who claims allegations in Sinclair's book are defamatory.

Sinclair believes the suit, using the $600/hour law firm of Patton & Boggs is being orchestrated with the backing of the Obama White House.

At an informal journalistic study group panel at the National Press Club held on August 4, a uniformed security guard was present during the three-hour dinner meeting with Sinclair. The action was, according to some long-serving members of the organization, unprecedented. At the conclusion of the meeting, the security guard and press club staff insisted Sinclair had to be escorted by security from the premises of the press club. Furthermore, an attempt by this editor to take a photograph of Sinclair in the public lobby for WMR was denied based on the orders of the National Press Club president, Alan Bjerga of Bloomberg News, and Bill McCarren, the general manager.

In early 2008, Sinclair appeared in a Youtube video describing two 1999 sexual encounters with then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama. On June 18, 2008, Sinclair reiterated his allegations at a National Press Club news conference. After the press conference, one in which Sinclair was ill-served by amateurish public relations advisers, he was arrested by Washington Metropolitan Police on a warrant issued by the office of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of then-senator Joseph Biden, who, at the time, was on Obama's short list of vice presidential running mates. Obama announced that Biden was his running mate on August 23, 2008. Just a few weeks before Sinclair's news conference at the press club, Obama had clinched enough delegates to wrest the Democratic nomination from his chief rival, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

After his imprisonment in Washington and transfer to Delaware, the Delaware Attorney General's office decided to decline prosecution of Sinclair over past money order forgery charges in Wilmington due to lack of evidence. Sinclair has alleged the National Press Club was fully aware of Washington police plans to arrest him after his news conference but not before they secured $8000 for the rental of the press club venue.

Contrary to information available at the time of his arrest, Sinclair had already spoken to reporters for the Chicago Tribune and New York Post on the allegations of past gay sex and drug use on the part of Obama, however, both papers declined to follow up on the story. WMR has learned that Obama's chief political adviser, David Axelrod, who once worked for the Chicago Tribune, personally interceded with his old paper to back off the allegations by Sinclair and others and ensured the story was killed.

Sinclair also revealed that he had a number of discussions with representatives of the Clinton campaign beginning in January 2008 and continuing up to the time of his press conference in Washington. WMR has also learned that Axelrod allegedly told members of the Clinton campaign during the height of the Democratic primary battle, "We know Sinclair and we will destroy him and hang him on Hillary Clinton."

WMR, at the time of Sinclair's news conference, felt there was not any substantial evidence to consider the veracity of Sinclair's claims. However, as a result of the trial of ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and the pogrom launched by the Obama White House against senior current and former members of the Congressional Black Caucus, WMR has been informed by reputable sources that there is merit to Sinclair's allegations and some of his allegations were verified during a recent WMR investigation conducted in Chicago.

WMR has asked the president of the National Press Club a series of on-the-record questions about why a uniformed security guard was present at the dinner session with Sinclair and whether the National Press Club had any communications, oral, written, or electronic, with White House staff, including Axelrod, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, press secretary Robert Gibbs, or Patton & Boggs, prior and subsequent to Sinclair's meeting with the journalists on August 4.

In answer to the questions about contact between the National Press Club on one hand and either the White House or Patton & Boggs on the other, Bjerga, in an email to WMR, stated there was no contact. As far as the security guard present during the dinner session, Bjerga responded, "We have hired security guards in the past in an abundance of caution when the National Press Club has reason to believe a disturbance may be possible because of an individual's presence in the facility. Given that Mr. Sinclair was arrested the
last time he was at the National Press Club, it was not unreasonable to request
monitoring in this situation. Should a similar situation present itself in the future, the same practice would be followed."

Larry Sinclair under the National Press Club logo and sign outside the club after being escorted by a security guard from the premises. Press club responds that they were expecting a "disturbance" -- but from where? The White House is two blocks away from the above location.

However, when Sinclair was arrested at the Press Club in June 2008, it was not as the result of a disturbance during his news conference but was pursuant to a "flight from justice" warrant issued by the US District Attorney for the District of Columbia based on a request from Delaware Attorney General Biden, whose father was already on Obama's short list for the vice presidential nomination. The Delaware charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. There was no reason to believe that a "disturbance," as described by Bjerga, was imminent on August 4 on the part of any of the dinner attendees, including the speaker. However, it was clear that the constant surveillance of the dinner attendees by club staff was an attempt at intimidation.

Since he first made his revelations about Obama in early 2008, Sinclair has been consistent in his story about twice engaging in drug use and oral sex with Obama in Chicago in 1999. Given the fact that one of Chicago's major newspapers devoted time to investigating the story, as well as yet-to-be-released phone call record information gathered by Chicago police as evidence proving Sinclair's conversations with Trinity United Church of Christ choir director Donald Young before his brutal murder on December 23, 2007, the story about Obama's secret life style refuses to go away. The tabloid, The Globe, has been on the story and Young's mother, Norma Jean Young, recently told the paper that her late son and Obama had a relationship and she believes her son was murdered to protect Obama. Mrs. Young said she also fears for her own life.

Obama's recent solo visit to Chicago, where he spent his 49th birthday on August 4 with "friends" and campaigned for the U.S. senate campaign of his friend Alexi Giannoulias, a campaign that Obama previously shunned, while First Lady and daughter Sasha vacationed in Spain has some in the White House press corps asking about marital problems between the president and his wife. Press secretary Gibbs is maintaining the stance that the Spain vacation was pre-planned months before and everything is fine between the first couple. WMR has previously reported that any mention of Obama's questionable past by White House press corps members has resulted in threats of immediate cancellation of press credentials and loss of access.

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